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David de Hilster gives his "state of dissident science" report on where he is, we are, and where we are going in the dissident science world.

David de Hilster talks in detail about something he has only talked to you in passing: mass increase. And this is not the mass increase of special relativity. No no NO! This is mass increase that is a natural part of the universe and atomic and subatomic structures.

David de Hilster talks about the standard Kilogram and not only on how it is calculated, but on how critical thinkers look at it (from David's point of view for sure). It is a hard problem to solve but those in the mainstream don't know the half of it! Article for this video:

David de Hilster admits that the science he often talks about on his channel may shock those listening. But before you go away, given David a chance to explain why that happens and what to do to keep moving forward as a dissident thinker. This is a good one!

David de Hilster reviews a MUST READ FOR EVERY CRITICAL THINKER: Stephen Hurrell's amazing book: "Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth". David talks about how the simple critical thinking of a mechanical engineer led him to the conclusion that the earth has been expanding and gaining mass. And David has an easter egg at the end of the video so be sure to watch until the very end! Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth Stephen Hurrell as Author Hurrell's website:

David de Hilster got this gem of an article from his friend Robert Berger and couldn't resist. It actually states that the absence of dark matter helps support the existence of dark matter. David in the end, tells you in very simple terms, why dark matter is not needed. ttps://

David de Hilster found this amazing article online by Denis Rancourt on How to Not Teach Physics. And it is a GREAT article! And at the end, David has a HUGE announcement that you can't miss! Contact David at if you are interested in helping on the ground floor of this amazing project! How to Not Teach Physics by Denis Rancourt

David de Hilster found an article from 1995 about a rare encounter of a dissident science group with a regional meeting of the AAAS - all lead by Dr. John Chappell, the founder of the NPA and CNPS. David goes through the article pointing out what he finds interesting in the perception of dissidents and opinions on both sides of the clash between mainstream and dissidents. Article:

David de Hilster discusses a paper that shows fatal problems with Stephan Hawking's "Hawking Radiation"! This was given to David by Stephen Crothers, critical thinker extraordinaire when it comes to debunking mainstream physics and cosmology's math and the standard model for "black holes". The paper appeared only 3 days after Hawking's death and mainstream physics looks like they are trying to bury Stephen's suspect scientific work along with the popular physicist. Notice we said "popular" and not "great"! REFERENCES [1] Robitaille, P.-M., Hawking Radiation: A Violation of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, American Physical Society (ABSTRACT), March, 2018, [2] Robitaille, P.-M., Hawking Radiation: A Violation of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, American Physical Society (SLIDE PRESENTATION), March, 2018, [3] Crothers, S.J., A Critical Analysis of LIGO's Recent Detection of Gravitational Waves Caused by Merging Black Holes, Hadronic Journal, n.3, Vol. 39, 2016, pp.271-302, Stephen Crothers:

David de Hilster takes a look at how the journalist, layman, mainstream scientist, and critical thinker takes a look at Stephen Hawking's attempt to combine quantum mechanics with Einstein's theory of general relativity. They are VERY different interpretations of the same phrase. Newton’s Gravitational Law over Dark Matter