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David de Hilster invites everyone to watch live online the CNPS 2019 conference at the University of Washington at Seattle. And if you live in the area, see what swag you will get for showing up at the conference! Conference Webpage:

David de Hilster discusses why the photon as a concept is impossible. Link to this video's companion article on Science Woke Magazine:

There are two types of articles one sees in mainstream science these days that indicate there are serious problems with the standard model. David de Hilster talks about each of them and what they mean. New York Times Scientific American

After almost two years of work, wood of people, and thousands of hour David de Hilster and the CNPS launch the innovative website Science Woke. Find out what makes this website unique in the world from David, the chief editor and programmer for the site.

Once David de Hilster saw the shape of the second galaxy that scientists claim does not have dark matter, he was inspired to make this commentary on Dark Matter an how and why it is not needed. The answer lies in an explanation that needs no more than Newton's gravity. Second Galaxy without Dark Matter Cameron Rebigsol Robert de Hilster

David de Hilster has a commentary on Black Hole Image. Find out whether or not David thinks this image is of a black hole or something else. This Article on (coming May 2019) Black Hole Image Scientific Paper Top Quark Article Article Sagitarius A

David de Hilster keeps finding mainstream scientists challenging mainstream theory but their new solutions fall flat. But their attempts are interesting in that new models are being proposed that fly in the face of mainstream physics and cosmology. Article: My Videos: Cameron Rebigsol's Paper and Video: Bob de Hilster' Paper and Video:

David de Hilster got a video link from critical thinker Adam Lore who make a mashup of mainstream scientists trashing the big bang and general relativity! Could it be? Are the cracks starting to appear in mainstream physics and cosmology! Watch and see what David says about this intriguing fact that mainstream is wanting to toss the Big Bang and General Relativity into the theoretical trash can. Link in the video:

David de Hilster is celebrating over 100,000 views on his Dissident Science Channel with a free gift to all his subscribers: a free rental viewing of his documentary film "Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year". The link and promo code is below. Thanks so much for helping grow this channel and enjoy the film! Promo Code: DS100KV

David de Hilster talks about specifics about what is wrong with big science.