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David de Hilster talks in this segment pulled from his February 15, 2019 live session that is worth separating on its own for this separate video. What to do with multiple viable models of the universe today.

David de Hilster talks about the different types of theories put forth by today's critical thinkers

David de Hilster talks about combatting mainstream comments

David de Hilster talks about a mainstream article stating that Black Holes may in fact not exist! But even more fun, are the crazy alternatives people are coming up with. You won't believe ANY of them if you ask David!

David de Hilster discusses the recent finding that objects at the edge of the universe are older and more mature than they should be. Will this finally be the end of the Big Bang Theory? David goes over the expert to ask: Dr. Glenn Bochardt and his blog "The Scientific Worldview". Article: New Article about New Deep Field Analysis: Scientific Worldview Blog: Scientific Worldview Book:

David de Hilster can't believe it, but he is giving a thumbs up and clapping ovation to a physics article in the New York Times! Sabine Hossenfelder, author of "Lost in Math" writes a biting article about particle physics today and David goes through it with a fine tooth comb! New York Times Article Sabine Hossenfelder Book: Lost in Math

David de Hilster talks about the Critical Thinkers Marketplace. What is that you may ask! Come by and see!

David de Hilster goes over a mainstream physics article in Forbes magazine that speaks a half-truth about physics in crisis. Half truth? You mean a mainstream physics journalist spoke a half truth? You bet! Find out what it is! The Article on Forbes Not Even Wrong Trouble with Physics

David de Hilster talks about disagreeing with your dissidents heroes. What to do, how to handle it. David has some poignant examples.

David de Hilster's first interview with physicist, author, and science writer Dr. Alexander Unzicker on hist latest book: Einstein's Lost Key. It is a fascinating read on unknown work of Albert Einstein and some of his contemporaries that talk about the variable speed of light. Links to Dr. Alexander Unzicker's work: Youtube Channel: http:// Website: Books: