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David de Hilster answers questions live from you!

David de Hilster talks about one of his favorite subjects: expansion tectonics. And Stephen Hurrell of "Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth" book fame has a great reading list for books on the subject. David goes through them giving you some insights and stories on some of them. Great fun today! No bashing mainstream this time... SORT OF... 😉

David always falls for titles that seem to state that Einstein is wrong. And this article talks exactly about that. But believe it or not, this article shows how to be every "wronger" than Einstein! New York Times Article:

David de Hilster shows you how to read about a new model of the universe. It is important that you read it from the point of view of the author. David reads for the first time about the Pixel Lattice Theory by Dr. James Sung who graduated from MIT and who is from Taiwan. No, David does not show how this is wrong. You shouldn't either. Don't miss this fascinating trip into a new model for the universe with your guide, David de Hilster, your science therapist! Dr. Sung's webpage where you can read his work and book:

David de Hilster talks about all things physics and cosmology and answers your questions live.

Unicorn season is here! David de Hilster talks about the latest in the line of unicorn particles from theoretical physics. As Dr. Alexander Unzicker explains in his book, whenever a new and unpredictable path from a particle accelerator is found, they say it is a new particle. Link to the Article:

David de Hilster talks about all things physics and cosmology and answers your questions live.

David de Hilster is live every Friday and this Friday goes over the interview by Dr. Alexander Unzicker with Nobel Prize Physicist David Gross. This is painful to watch both for Unzicker and de Hilster who helps you understand the double talk coming from a real physicist working on real "unicorn" in particle physics (sarcasm). The interview is here:

David de Hilster talks about a very very, too rare occurent: physicists from inside the mainstream challenging a Nobel Prize-winning experiment: the LIGO detector and its supposed detection of gravity waves. This is worth staying around for the entire video with an amazing conclusion.

David de Hilster in the second part of his series on the must read the Higgs Fake by Alexander Unzicker, talks about the world of unicorns that is called Particle Physics. The Higgs Fake by Dr. Alexander Unzicker