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David de Hilster has been part of the dissident science scene since the early 1990s and has seen many changes over the decades. Some good, some bad. The real question is: where are we today and where are we going? Join him in this discussion live online!

Did our ancestors go thru an aquatic lifestyle period of evolution? Find out when David de Hilster interviews Mike Gimbel this Saturday on Dissident Science.

Did our ancestors go thru an aquatic lifestyle period of evolution? Find out when David de Hilster interviews Mike Gimbel this Saturday on Dissident Science.

Once in a lifetime, we might witness a scientific event so rare and revolutionary that it changes our lives forever. Imagine awakening on the day in history when we learned that the Earth is round, not flat; or awakening on the day we learned that the planets orbit the Sun, not the Earth. Now, imagine awakening tomorrow to learn that Einstein's theory of relativity is wrong! Demonstrating that Einstein’s theory is wrong is a tall order. Undaunted, author Steven B. Bryant doesn’t simply prove relativity wrong, he shows that relativity theory was never correct in the first place. Unencumbered by relativity, Bryant introduces Modern Mechanics, his new unified theory that is easy to understand and more accurate than Einstein’s theory of relativity.

David de Hilster will be discussing whether or not Dark Matter is real or a fantasy. Much time and energy are spent by both dissidents and mainstream scientists trying to find this elusive "stuff". But David's question is: does it exist or are we looking for a ghost? Join him live this Saturday!

George just released the second edition of this book "Notfinity Process: Matter-in-Motion". And to mark this new edition he will talk about big problems with the Big Bang. For those who conceive of the Universe as having always existed in some form, the continual new estimates of how far back the Big Bang happened are not productive. The Big Bang Theory (BBT) has multiple significant problems, such as horizon, flatness, and monopole, conservation violation, evidence of no expansion, non-Big Bang theory explanations for the CMB, inexplicable mature galaxies in the early universe, 1.65 trillion-year-old structures, and contradictions from HUDF and GALEX data. George will discuss 66 of these issues. In attempting to deal with its problems, supporters shamelessly and frequently change the facts to fit the theory. An important feature in this edition is a discussion on five further serious problems of the BBT, including research released on April 27, 2019, on a revised estimate of the Universe’s age, and a study published on December 14, 2020, regarding a galaxy that was present less than 400 million years after the supposed Big Bang. The significance of this for the BBT is found in Chapter 4.

David de Hilster has always thought it curious as to why modern day aetherists all try and describe gravity as a result of aether. Why is that? Is it because there is an truly logical answer? Or is it because aetherists are simply overapplying aether to everything because they are so in love with their models? Join David in a stimulating discussion of this modern topic you will find no where else on the internet.

A viable alternative to Einstein’s Relativity presented by James Marsen. An overview of a novel ether concept called the Local-Ether Model that was proposed by the late Prof Ching-Chuan Su in 2000. * It is founded on the classical principles of absolute time and Euclidean Space. * It is the medium for the classical propagation of electromagnetic waves. * It is a real substance with a minute variable mass density proportional to the magnitude of the * gravitational potential field. * Its distribution in space is analogous to the gravitational potential field. * It provides alternative explanations of a comprehensive scope of fundamental phenomena including those that are commonly cited as evidence supporting Einstein’s Relativity.

David de Hilster spent over 8 years making the documentary "Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year" and has a question for everyone: is relativity relevant? Relativity is by far the most disputed theory in physics today. The question is, are we wasting our time beating on a dead subject or do we need to publicly bring down the icon of our age? David discusses this intriguing subject live this Saturday.

Light speed c along with other so-called "fundamental constants" are measurements ... are observations. As such, they are the greatest body of unexplained phenomena in physics. Why is light speed about 300,000 km/sec, and not, say, 300 km/sec or 30,000,000 km/sec? A comprehensive physical theory cannot use these values as "input parameters", as most physicists have recognized as a game-over fault of the mush promoted Standard Model. James Keene talks about his theory of Binary mechanics is the first physical theory to derive the observed values of light speed and other basic constants (h, e, etc) from mathematically defined first principles. Join host David de Hilster as he explores this amazing topic with his guest Mr. James Keene.