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David de Hilster, host of Dissident Science will talk about who are the movers and shakers outside mainstream science. Who is in and who is out? What are the latest models critical thinkers are working on? Chat live with David and other critical thinkers live on YouTube and Facebook.

Dr. James Maxlow talks this coming Saturday will be the second of four talks James has planned and will be called “Permian to Archaean Small Earth Modeling”. This will extend on his previous talk and will use continental crusts to constrain plate assemblage further back in time. Using continental crusts to constrain plate assemblages back in time has never been done so this technique is considered unique. Once he models the continental crusts he will show an animation showing the entire small Earth modeling history of the Earth extending from the early Archaean to the present-day, plus an extra model at 5 million years into the future. He will also elaborate further on a proposed causal mechanism for increase in Earth mass and radius over time.

Alistair Riddoch will present his model for the universe. In his own words: "I found a ”building block. I suggest if you put a ton of them together, and spin them all rapidly, then leave them alone to settle things on their own, they will together generate and host an existence that will exactly match the existence we experience, observe, detect and measure. With no other inclusions needed. Build Blocks… Motion… Patience… Existence. The math and properties of the suggested ”building block” are specific. The shape is made by mapping an Einsteinian-Gravity-Wave topology onto a perfect regular sphere, using a wave-length of 1/4 sphere radius. The suggested building block is absolutely immutable. Unchanging. And is the only suggested component. This is either an incorrect guess, as to the composition of reality… or the right complete, exhaustive, and ultimate answer… It is not ”something in between”.

Listen and interact live with Dr. James Maxlow, the world's foremost expert on expansion tectonics when he talks about expansion tectonics. His talk with be on recent to Permian small earth modelling. Hosted by David de Hilster of the Dissident Science YouTube Channel and sponsored by the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society, join us as we talk about one of the most fascinating new areas in geology: expansion tectonics which claims the earth and other heavenly bodies are expanding and gaining mass.

Join Dissident Science Host David de Hilster as he talks about all things Consciousness with author George Coyne. Coyne's new book "Nofinity" which he has just completed talks about what it means to be conscious in the terms of philosophy of the 21st century. Don't miss a chance to interact with one of the most interesting takes on consciousness by critical thinkers today!

David de Hilster will be interviewing Jeff Yee about this new project for modeling his wave energy theory. Jeff is sponsoring a competition held for developers to contribute to the open source project, with prize money awarded to the winning submission in each phase of the project. There are initially five phases to the project, with a total of $15,000 in cash prizes awarded. The dates and requirements for each phase are found in the next section. To simulate the creation of particles, atoms and matter with classical physics, illustrating that the universe operates under a single set of classical laws.

David de Hilster of Dissident Science will be talking live on our abuse of scientific vocabulary - something he is quite keen on given his degree in linguistics and his decades of work in physics and cosmology.

David de Hilster discusses at length why dark matter does not exist. Dissident Science is going live on Fridays to talk about science in the news as well as answer your questions. You also can join him face-to-face and talk! See you 9:30 pm.

David de Hilster from Dissident Science is going live on Fridays to talk about science in the news as well as answer your questions. You also can join him face-to-face and talk! See you 9:30 pm Eastern Time in the USA.

Palaeogravity is a new area in paleontology that studies ancient fossils and geology to determine the strength of gravity in ancient times. Stephen Hurrell is the world’s leading expert in this area and will be talking about some new evidence using data from dinosaurs and animal anatomy to show that gravity must have been significantly less in the ancient past.