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David de Hilster discusses at length why dark matter does not exist. Dissident Science is going live on Fridays to talk about science in the news as well as answer your questions. You also can join him face-to-face and talk! See you 9:30 pm.

David de Hilster from Dissident Science is going live on Fridays to talk about science in the news as well as answer your questions. You also can join him face-to-face and talk! See you 9:30 pm Eastern Time in the USA.

Palaeogravity is a new area in paleontology that studies ancient fossils and geology to determine the strength of gravity in ancient times. Stephen Hurrell is the world’s leading expert in this area and will be talking about some new evidence using data from dinosaurs and animal anatomy to show that gravity must have been significantly less in the ancient past.

David de Hilster from Dissident Science will be interviewing Stephen Hurrell about his new book "The Hidden History of Earth Expansion". About the book: "For more than half a century the theory of continental drift was widely derided. Innovators developing the radical theory were labelled as unscientific by well-known science authorities. But then, in the space of a few years, virtually all opposition dramatically collapsed. Continental drift was transformed into plate tectonics and became widely acknowledged as one of the most profound scientific revolutions of the twentieth century. Yet a number of science innovators who had been closely involved with creating this new theory of the Earth continued to research an even more radical theory. The researchers saw evidence that the new plate tectonics theory was incomplete, arguing that continental drift was caused by the Earth expanding in size. These science innovators give us a unique insight into their experiences. They relate their personal histories of Earth expansion in 14 original essays. The Hidden History of Earth Expansion presents the unique personal histories of British, American, Australian, German, Polish, Romanian, Indian, Albanian and Jamaican science innovators as they strived to produce a modern theory of the Earth. It includes chapters expressly written for the book by some of the most well-known researchers into Earth expansion: Hugh G. Owen, Cliff Ollier, Karl-Heinz Jacob, James Maxlow, Jan Koziar, Stefan Cwojdziñski, Carl Strutinski, Stephen W. Hurrell, John B. Eichler, William C. Erickson, David Noel, Zahid A. Khan, Ram Chandra Tewari, Vedat Shehu and Richard Guy. In addition to furnishing us with their personal histories of Earth expansion and the seemingly overwhelming evidence for its confirmation, the authors' highlight areas where further research is required."

After almost 30 years, David de Hilster finally thinks he knows why Einstein became and still is, a science god. David talks about his father, the electric universe, and of course, LOTS about Mr. Albert Einstein! Bob de Hilster's talk and paper "Special Relativity is Not Needed": Check out David and his father's upcoming book: "Principia Mathematica 2". More info at Also check out his father's YouTube channel at

Bob and Dave de Hilster will be broadcasting live every day during their 10-day book finishing marathon from July 3 - July 12, 2020. They will be talking about the progress of their book and will also have a discussion related to the book. You will be able to watch live and ask questions. Be sure to subscribe and like our Facebook Page and Youtube Channels for the book. All information can be found on the book's website at

David de Hilster discusses how mainstream science is weaponizing the flat earth movement against everyone who is a dissident.

Saturday morning science chat this week once again will be hosted by David de Hilster, CNPS president and YouTuber. He will be broadcasting live on Dissident Science and the CNPS YouTube channels. Join him for always interesting discussions.

Saturday Morning Science Chat with David de Hilster

David de Hilster discusses what he says is the number one problem in science. It isn't mainstream science, dissidents, or our universities. It is something much more insidious.