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Everyone claims to be a critical thinker. Everyone claims that they weigh all the pros and cons. But in reality, no one really does. They convince themselves they are a critical thinkers and then they try to convince others. But you are not a critical thinker. David de Hilster is here to tell you why you are not and how to become one...

The speaker will perform original derivations, supported by physics' most famous experiments and also supported by his own original experiments. An inner meaning of constants e and h will be explored

The working title of the book is "Physics, Cosmology, Philosophy, Mathematatics, & Tectonics". It has three main parts: "Critical Thinking", "Problems with Mainstream Science", and "New Directions and Solutions". We should be able to hand this book to someone and they should understand the major works of the NLP and CNPS over the decades and be as convincing as possible. The audience is not mainstream science, but the average science lover. What goes in and what stays out??? Join our animated discussion live online!

Imagine that we have the entire world's attention. What would we tell the world about critical thinking, the current state of science, and our new findings? Could we be persuasive?

Dr. Glenn Borchardt is one of the most influential scientists outside of mainstream science with his Ten Assumptions of Science, Neo-mechanics, and the Infinite Universe Theory. Many modern critical thinkers have based their own models and theories on Borchardt's ground-breaking work. A geologist by trade, Borchardt has been a staunch opponent of the Big Bang and relativity for many decades and is known as one of the premier scientific philosophers of our time.

Nick Percival has spent over 50 years working on the concept of time, special relativity, and the twin paradox. It has led him to conclusions that have revolutionized our ideas of time outside of mainstream science. For this, he is receiving the CNPS Lifetime Achievement Award. Come join host David de Hilster as he talks with this amazing mind about his life, his work, and the current state of science.

Math has taken over physics. We spend a majority of our time working on equations. What about physicality? Have we neglected it? Does physicality matter? Join David de Hilster live this Saturday as they talk all things physical.

Big bang, relativity, dark matter, dark energy, the neutrino, black holes, the higgs boson, quarks, strings... What to keep? What to throw away? Join in this fascinating discussion of what is important in physics and cosmology today.

Would intelligent aliens on other worlds find the same physics and cosmological constants? Or are they arbitrary? Join this fascinating discussion live with other like-minded critical thinkers from the CNPS and around the world!

Given the physics establishment will not listen to anyone claiming Einstein is wrong, can the dissident community convince the general public of Albert's errors? Is it too hard to do? Is relativity too complicated? And would the public even care? Join David de Hilster and other dissident experts in relativity in this fascinating discussion of the world's most famous scientist: Albert Einstein who is in fact wrong!