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David de Hilster reviews a brand new book hot off the presses from his favorite mathematician of all time: Peter Erickson. "The Nature of Negative Numbers" shows us that even the mathematical system we call "The Real Number System" is flawed - especially when it comes to negative numbers. Peter introduces the veritable number system to replace the real number systems getting rid of inconsistencies with negatives and positives, and the square root of negative numbers. This is the new edition available on Amazon:

David de Hilster talks about one of his favorite books on relativity by critical thinker Otto Luther. There are gems of used books from critical thinkers out there to be had very cheaply given many books are being sold from libraries. And for $20 US, you can get this book which has great history and great arguments against in this case: general relativity.

David de Hilster takes a look at a recent article that talks about Star Wars, the Big Bang, and whether or not a different universe could make star wars science come true. Don't, and I mean please DON'T get your hopes up. David de Hilster is ruthless when it comes to using the correct words and making the correct assumptions.

David de Hilster discusses one of his favorite subjects: infinity. Find out why infinity is better than parallel universes yet how it creates a wispy world of "where is the mass?" Learns the good, bad, and beautiful of this subject that is so so neglected by the mainstream.

David de Hilster and Greg Volk get together every Friday and talk about their favorite subject: dissident science. Greg Volk just got done reading "Einstein's Lost Key" by Dr. Alexander Unzicker. Listen to find out why it inspired Greg with his own work and how David and Greg and actually talk to each other even though David is all about infinity, and Greg is a "finite" universe proponent. What? Getting along even though they disagree on something that fundamental? Important learning experience in this fascinating hour of dissident chat... Book: Einstein's Lost Key:

A new Critical Thinker YouTube Channel is launched! David de Hilster introduces good friend and physicist Nick Percival who is launching his new YouTube channel: Nick of TIme. Nick graduated from Harvard in 1964 with a degree in Physics. That started a, now, 45 year focus on the Twin Paradox and from those studies a unique view of the relationship between Special Relativity and aether theory.

David de Hilster often talks about the particle model that he and his father are working on and this is a shameless promotion to plug his father's new YouTube channel.

One of the most frequent questions David de Hilster gets is "When is change going to happen" when it comes to science? Good question. David discusses the question of what and when will things change in science. He also discusses his own model and some possible technical advances to their model.

David de Hilster your science therapist introduces you to a new science channel which takes on mainstream physics and cosmology including the big bang, relativity, plate tectonics, quantum mechanics, and particle physics. If theoretical physics seems to be a fairytale, then this is the right channel for you! Learn to read through the mumbo-jumbo of modern physics theory and learn to become a critical thinker!

You may be shocked, but NASA is doing dissident science - and they don't care. As David de Hilster says, they are giving credibility to work that goes against quantum mechanics and even relativity itself.