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Dr. Ray Gallucci will be presenting his analysis of the viability of the Electric Universe's concept for gravity. The Electric Universe expouses a universe that is dominated not by gravity but by electrical forces. This leads to the idea that gravity is in fact, an electrical force. Is it viable? Come join in the discussion.

From the presenter, Nick Percival: "Having spent 50 years, looking at how special relativity and general relativity treated "time" (Quite differently!) and especially debating the Twin Paradox, I, along with many others, rejected special relativity and especially its treatment of "time". Over the years, Ron Hatch kept me abreast of all the empirical data on "time" from GPS and also from pulsars, VBLI and NASA. I then read Lee Smolin's book "Time Reborn" where he observed and regretted that "time" had been removed from theoretical physics. Fortuitously, David de Hilster then suggested that I do a YouTube channel discussion on "time". So I, as "Nick of Time", focused my efforts on creating a 30+ series of videos on my search for "How best to treat time in physics". After a couple of years, a most surprising and unexpected answer came to me seemingly out of the blue! "

Jack Kuykendall will be talking about Symmetry Math (SM) versus Broken-Symmetry Math (BS). Can our real number system be updated? Is it flawed? What are the consequences of the flaws and what answers can be had with a new system?

Critical Thinkers have many answers to the question of what is gravity. What do you think it is? Is it a particle? Is it space-time? Is it caused by aether? Is it electric? Join in the discussion this Saturday hosted by Dissident Science's David de Hilster.

Dr. Alexander Unzicker, author, researcher, and journalists will be talking all things physics including science journalism in the modern internet era, what is truly critical thinking, the state of particle physics today, and what is facing today's dissident science community. You won't want to miss the noted author and top critical thinker of our day!

The majority of CNPS modelers are aetherists. Yet there are other viable models. What gives??? David de Hilster leads a discussion on a topic much discussed by many critical thinkers.

David de Hilster leads an open discussion about how Critical Thinkers often use vocabulary like “Field”, “Energy” and other words without defining them physically.

Host David de Hilster invites all CNPS and Dissident Science Members to discuss the year that was in Scientific Critical Thinking and what our plans should be for 2021.

The Infinite Universe Theory presents the ultimate alternative to the Big Bang Theory and the common assumption that the universe had an origin. Author Glenn Borchardt starts with photos of the "elderly" galaxies at the observational edge of the universe. These contradict the current belief that the universe should have increasingly younger objects as we view greater distances. He restates the fundamental assumptions that must underlie the new paradigm. Notably, by assuming infinity he is able to adapt classical mechanics to "neomechanics" and its insistence that phenomena are strictly the result of matter in motion. He shows in detail how misinterpretations of relativity have aided current flights of fancy more in tune with religion than science.Borchardt demonstrates why only Infinite Universe Theory can provide answers to questions untouched by currently regressive physics and cosmogony. His new modification of gravitation theory gets us closer to its physical cause without calling upon attraction or curved spacetime or "immaterial fields.

John will present his worldview of Cosmology and how it relates to the geophysics of Expansion Tectonics. He weaves together the concepts of many famous scientists into an understandable framework based more on laboratory experimentation than abstract theory.