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Alexander Unzicker Interview: Einstein's Lost Key

David de Hilster's first interview with physicist, author, and science writer Dr. Alexander Unzicker on hist latest book: Einstein's Lost Key. It is a fascinating read on unknown work of Albert Einstein and some of his contemporaries that talk about the variable speed of light. Links to Dr. Alexand…

Dissident Science Live talking Dissident Infighting

David de Hilster talks about how dissidents waste time infighting and how we need to join forces.

"Seeing Red" by Halton Arp

David de Hilster discuses Halton Arp's book "Seeing Red" to show evidence against the big bang and how Halton was truly a science woke critical thinker.

Time Actually Existed before the Big Bang - Flipped Universe

David de Hilster flips out about the "casual" "Flipped Universe Theory". It must be right because it comes from a post-doctorate from Oxford England. You know, the home of super-brains, bigger than ours.…

Dissident Science Live talking Debating Mainstream Scientists

David de Hilster talks about debating mainstream scientists and answers questions live from you!

Nicola Tesla and His Invisibility and Infinity Problem

David de Hilster had an insight as to why Nicola Tesla didn't reach his dream of transmitting energy to everyone without wires. It has to do with invisibility and infinity. Tesla Tech Website:

Dissident Science Live talking Sky Scholar Q&A Session

David de Hilster talks Sky Scholar and answers questions live from you!

Dissidents Working in Isolation

David de Hilster discusses dissidents working in isolation and what that means. You may be surprised on David's conclusion on this one!

Dissident Science Live talking Ken Wheeler and Q&A Session

David de Hilster talks Ken Wheeler and answers questions live from you!

Geoff Hunter (1930-2018) Cast member of Einstein Wrong

David de Hilster is sad today after learning his friend and colleague passed away this past Tuesday, December 18, 2018. Geoff was a friend and cast member for David's feature-length documentary film Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year. Even though he was not an active dissident, he had no problem in a…