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Saturday Morning Science Chat with David de Hilster

Saturday Morning Science Chat with David de Hilster

The Number One Problem in Science

David de Hilster discusses what he says is the number one problem in science. It isn't mainstream science, dissidents, or our universities. It is something much more insidious.

Dissident Science Fridays

Dissident Science Fridays

Dissident Science Live

David de Hilster from Dissident Science goes live on Fridays to interact with other critical thinkers.

Dissident Science Live News and Discussion

Dissident Science Live News and Discussion with David de Hilster

Physics and Cosmology News and Discussion

David de Hilster, host of the Dissident Science YouTube channel opens up live on Fridays to discuss physics news and cosmology including answering your questions as well as discussing live with his subscribers.

Intellectuals Versus Critical Thinkers

David de Hilster tells you the very important difference between intellectuals and critical thinkers. A computational linguist by trade, David has worked over 30 years trying to find meaning to the words people write. This video will give you a very clear sense on the importance between these two co…

Why So Many Models of the Universe and Why Now?

David de Hilster went searching for the answer as to why are there so many models for the universe and why now? He didn't find one. So he did his own research and came up with what may be the first answer to the very important question today in physics and cosmology. Become Science Woke http://www.…

The Four Forces of Nature - A Dissident Perspective

David de Hilster gives you a dissident view of the four forces of nature that you will find from no one else on the planet. This is why you subscribe to this channel - a unique perspective from someone who has hung out with the cutting edge scientists. http://www.sciencewoke.org Jeff Yee: http://w…

CNPS 2019 Live moves to Facebook Live from YouTube

CNPS 2019 live is being moved from YouTube to Facebook live and the address is below. There is a new YouTube restriction where a channel needs to have 1000 subscribers to use Facebook Live mobile. Hope to see you shortly on Facebook live! https://www.facebook.com/chappellnaturalphilosophy/