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Reading Dissident Work as a Critical Thinker: Physics without Photons by John-Erik Persson

David de Hilster shows you how a critical thinker reads a dissident work. In this case, a new book by John-Erik Persson entitled "Physics without Photons". To David, every dissident book holds excitement in its pages while to mainstream, these books are considered irrelevant. David says: "ON THE CON…

Interview with Greg Volk - Dissident Science Expert

David de Hilster interviews one of the most knowledgeable people on dissident science and scientists on the planet: Greg Volk. Greg is a brilliant critical thinker who talks to David about his large collection of papers, books, and even some videos. Listen as David and Greg talk about the amazing wo…

There is no Proof in Science

Ok, no you made me mad! What do you mean there is no proof in science? Yep! He said it. You know David! He doesn't care if you like it but you'd better listen to this one because just maybe: he's right!

Speed of Gravity Article Examined

(CORRECTION: Hydrogen not Helium) A subscriber question on an article for the speed of gravity got David de Hilster to talk about one of his favorite subjects that is more a specialty of his father, Robert de Hilster. Yes, in fact, the speed of gravity is the speed of light. Here are the two article…

Is Space Flat?

David de Hilster gets the question about is space flat? Is space empty? Is space full of it? David says that in fact, the way we ask questions gives away our tendency to treat math as "physical". Listen in to the opinion of a very opinionated person!