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Everything Wrong with Physics: The Electron

David de Hilster is now taking on the electron. Come on: this is rediculous! The electron is the best known sub atomic particle in the universe, what could POSSIBLY be wrong with the electron?? Watch David and you will find out!

LHC 10th Birthday: Sound of Silence

David de Hilster's good friend Robert sent him this article about the LHC and said: please tear this apart! Robert's pet peeve was that it promised huge things in science and ended up with nothing but more unicorns. Don't understand, then listen to David tear it up. For you my friend! The Higgs hun…

Dissident Science Live: Accepting Multiple Universe Models

Dissident Science is live with David de Hilster to answer any of your questions tonight! Dissident Science Live: Accepting we Have Multiple Models for the Universe

Dissident Science Live: Math, Electric Universe, Infinity, News Articles

Dissident Science is live with David de Hilster to answer any of your questions tonight! Electric universe, electric fields, charge, the big bang, today's science articles, infinity - all topics David covered including answering questions. Great audience today!

String Theory Demonstrates Everything Wrong with Theoretical Physics

David de Hilster continues his series on "everything that's wrong in physics". Today is the String Theory's turn. Go to the string theory Wikipedia page and you will marvel at how convoluted science can be and why Wikipedia would ever list this as "real science". David has his own theory as to "how"…

Big Science Distracts the Science Woke

Who would imagine that TShirts on Facebook would spawn an entire video by David de Hilster. If you know David de Hilster, this is not a surprise given his "strong" opinions about mainstream science.

Photons Demonstrate Everything Wrong with Theoretical Physics

David de Hilster was planning on doing a video on physicality in physics and instead, headed right for the photon. The wikipedia entry for photons is a perfect demonstration of everything wrong with today's theoretical physics. David goes off on the mumbo jumbo presented on the photon page and has o…

Halton Arp - A Tolerated Dissident Astronomer

Halton Arp was one of those "tolerated" dissident scientists who did good work but was chastised for his claim that red-shift and the big bang may not be as they seem. David de Hilster talks about an article about Halton Arp's death that tip-toes around but clearly shows bias in accessing the astron…

Q&A Friday with Dissident Science Dave - August 31, 2018

David de Hilster of Dissident Science will be answering questions during a live broadcast at our new time of 9:00 pm eastern USA time.

Black Holes from Another Universe

David de Hilster can't pass this one up! David talks about TWO articles on the idea that there are remineants of black holes in our universe from other universes. Yep. You heard it right. David tears this apart but more importantly, briefly talks about evidence against the big bang. Article Links: …